Phagocytic Activity and IL-1 Alpha Levels for Asthma Patients

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, Faculty of Medical and Health Techniques, University of Alkafeel, Najaf, Iraq

2 Medical Microbiology, Wasit University Medical College, Wasit, Iraq


Asthma is a lung disease that lasts an extended time.  It reasons inflammation of your airways and thin, and it makes it tough to respire. Asthma that is severe can cause trouble talking or being active. You might hear your specialist call it a long-lasting illness of the lungs Asthma is also referred to as "bronchial asthma." Materials and Methods: Total 40 samples collected from asthma patients, 40 healthy controls. Tow milliliter of venous blood through vein puncture from each one from cases and control mcluded in this work. Result: A highly significant correlation was found between age and Interlukin 1 for the cases, <0.01. No significant correlation was found between sex and the IL1 for the cases P>0.05. 


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