Evaluation of Rooting of Stem Cuttings of Magnolia soulangeana Under Influence of Time and IBA Treatment



Magnolia soulangeanais a big shrub or a small tree with an irregular growth mode anda spring flowering tree whose large flowers appears before the emergence of leaves. Blossoms will be reflowed in early summer. To evaluate the effect of different concentrations of indole butyric acid and the proper time ofbetter rooting forMagnoliasoulangeana cuttings, anexperiment was conducted in 2013-2014 inGorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Research. Five prepared levels of indole butyric acid of zero, 1000, 2000,4000,6000 mg L-1and the bottom of cuttings were put in the above solution for five seconds, and then they were kept under mist system within the context of the greenhouse for 75 d and after that,they were removed for measuring the desired parameters. The highest percentage of rooting, the average number of roots, the average length of roots and establishment percentage related to 4000 mg L-1attendance was in late June. All traits under study were significant at the level of 1%. Cuttingin late Junehad positive impact for all traits under study, such as rooting percentage, callusing percentage, root number, and root length.After all, the concentration of 4000 mg L-1 of indole butyric acid in which the largest test number and highest percentage of survival can be seen is considered as one of the best hormonal treatments.

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