The Effects of Environmental Pollution with Heavy Metals in Frequency of Micronuclei in Epithelial Buccal Cells of Human Population in Mitrovica



The purpose of this study was evaluation of genotoxic effects of environmental pollution with heavy metals in inhabitants of Mitrovica town (which is located close to smelter “Treça” down closed). In this study, 55 inhabitants (males) from Mitrovica town and 20 (males) control subjects with similar mean ages and smoking prevalence were enrolled for analysis of micronuclei frequency in epithelial buccal cells. The subjects of Mitrovica town showed significant increase micronuclei frequency (p< 0.001) in epithelial buccal cells compared to controls and with respect to their smoking habits. The current study suggests that chronic exposure to pollution with heavy metals could lead to increase of DNA damage.


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