Extraction and PerconcentrationLead (II) Using Octadecyl Bonded Silica Cartridge and Determination by FAAS



A simple method has been developed for the preconcentration of Lead (II) based on the adsorption of its 1-(2-Pyridyl Azo)2-Naphtol (PAN) complex on aOctadecyl bonded silica cartridges. The influence of acidity, eluting agents, stability of the column, sample volume and interfering ions has been investigated in detail. The adsorbed complex could be eluted using environmentally benign HNO34M and the concentration of Lead (II) was determined flame atomic absorption spectrometry. A detection limit of 50 µgL−1 could be achieved and the developed procedure was successfully applied for the determination of Lead (II) in tap water and waste water samples. 


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