The Effects of IBA and H2O2 on Rooting of 2 Olive Cultivars


Department of Horticultural Science, College of Agriculture,Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.


Two groups of olive cultivars were characterized as showing low (Tokhmkabki) and high(Roghani) rooting percentage after application of IBA treatment. Semi-hard wood cuttings were dipped in H2 2O2 (0-3.5% w/v) and IBA (4000 mg.l-1) and also they were investigated in combination. H2O2 alone did not stimulate rooting of olive cuttings and there were no significant differences between this treatment and control in both cultivars. It was obvious that IBA treatments increased the rooting percentage, number of root cuttings, root length and root fresh\dry weight in 2 olive cultivars but the combination of IBA and H 2Oin some factors was more effective but there were no significant differences when IBA was used instead of in both cultivars.


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