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The JCHR as a peer-review professional academic journal is striving to provide the best forum for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results.

Our objective is to publish the high quality researches. Therefore, publishing paper in this journal is free of any charge.

The journal is a multidisciplinary journal of chemistry, biology and public health will publish original researches and scientific articles describing studies of the toxic effects of chemical agents on human, environment and animal.

Chemical Health Risk focuses on information and ideas relating to issues and advances in chemical health and safety.

Research Areas including: 

  • Toxicology
  • Mineral and Organic Agents
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Cancer Research
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Risk Analysis
  • Pharmacology
  • Biodegradable and Edible Films


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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, July 2022, Pages 335-543 

Evaluation of Sulfonamide Antibiotic Residues of Honey Samples Produced in Different Regions of Qazvin Province by ELISA

Pages 363-369


Ali Mehrabi; Razzagh Mahmoudi; Hajar khedmati Morasa; Reza Norian; Shaghayegh mosavi; Zohreh Ahmadi; Maryam Kazemi; Ahad Alizadeh

Comparative Risk Assessment of Tasks Involved with Nanomaterials Using NanoTool & Guidance Methods

Pages 371-378


Fakhradin Ahmadi Kanrash; Soqrat Omari Shekaftik; Amirhossein Aliakbar; Fatemeh Soleimany; Azad Haghighi Asl; Wahab Ebrahimi; Saeedeh Amini Ravandi

Heavy Metals in Wheat Grain and Its Impact on Human Health: A mini-review

Pages 421-426


Mohadeseh Pirhadi; Nabi Shariatifar; Mahmoud Bahmani; Aliasghar Manouchehri

Mycotoxins’ Toxicities - from Consumer Health Safety Concerns, to Mitigation/Treatment Strategies: A Perspective Review

Pages 427-464


Chinaza Godswill Awuchi; Sarah Nwozo; Mariama Salihu; Grace Akinyi Odongo; Maryam Sarvarian; Charles Odilichukwu R. Okpala

Assessment of Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate Preservatives and Artificial Color in Bulk Tomato Paste Samples in Qazvin, Iran

Pages 501-507


Peyman Ghajarbeygi; Azam Rahimi Niaraki; Ali Soltani Abkenar; Razzagh Mahmoudi; Fatemeh Jalilevand; Ali Sadeghi Niaraki; Ahad Alizadeh

Adsorption Features Remove a Toxic Dye from an Aqueous Solution by a Cost-effective Palm Leaf Activated Carbon (PLAC)

Pages 509-516


Ali M. Mohammed; Aseel M. Aljeboree; Ahmed B. Mahdi; Yasir Salam Karim; Mohammed Abed Jawad; Ayad F. Alkaim

Health Risk Assessment of Asphalt Workers’ Exposure to Benzo-α-pyrene

Pages 537-543


Jamshid Rahimi; Kamaladin Abedi; Hossein Ebrahimi; Rasoul Yarahmadi; Iraj Alimohammadi; Shahram Vosoughi; Seted Hosein Tabatabaei